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 Randy Grulke
Fabrication Service and 

Family owned and Operated 

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Randy Grulke Fabrication is a full service, in shop, and on site fabrication service which specialize in structural metal fabrication and installation. 
We also fabricates specialty items for home/office or personal use.

Randy founded this company in 1999 and with full time qualified employees can handled numerous projects. 

We also have a Nelson Stud Welding System for your concrete embed requirements.

Randy and his team can handle any capacity size project in a professional, safe and timely manner with Dot railing, Ornamental items and industrial Railing, gate and more.

When Randy's team arrives on site, there ready to take on any size project.


      This team is unstoppable

To Date,

Randy and his team have built,

126 Autozone stores,

9 Centra Cares,

8 Tire Kingdoms,

16 Dollar Trees stores,

3 Advanced Discount Auto Stores,

2 Buffalo Wild Wings,

5 Carmax stores,

Harris Teeter Grocery stores and many other projects of this similar size.

 Team has been working                  hard.

Other day in paradise  

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Start and finish of Dollar Tree #12


Randy Grulke Fabrication, has all your fabrication needs to build with like the Nelson Stud Welding System for your concrete embed requirements. 

You’ll get the best quality at a fair price and with years of experience in the industry, Randy and his team have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers to ensure they’re never disappointed.

Whether you’re a one-time buyer or looking to buy in bulk, you can count on us to provide great products and excellent service, every step of the way. 

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Welding Thru deck 
The best welding results are achieved through adherence to recommended job-site procedures and conditions.  Factors such as painted beam flanges, water, deck fit-up to the beam, and inadequate power can seriously hamper satisfactory welding.  
Here are some important site requirements:

1- Top flanges of beams must be unpainted (or at least a strip where the studs are to be welded).  

2- Remember if fire protection coating is applied to the rest of the beam (top uncoated) prior to stud welding, that touch up may be required after the studs have been welded. (The heat from stud welding may activate the fire protection)

3- The beams should be free of heavy rust and mill scale

4- The beams should be free of dirt, sand and other materials

5- Galvanised beams will need to be ground back to remove the galvanising

6- Water on the deck, or between the beam and deck must be removed before welding 

      The Nelson System
Electric-Arc stud welding is the most common process and is utilized whenever metal is fabricated. It is used to best advantage when the base plate is heavy enough to support the full strength of the welded studs, but is sometimes used with lighter gauge material. 
The Stud is held in the welding gun with the end of the stud placed against the work. The cycle is started by depressing the trigger button start switch. The stud is then automatically retracted from the work piece to establish an arc. The arc continues for predetermined period of time until portions of the stud and the base plate have been melted. Then, the welding gun automatically plunges the stud into the molten pool of metal and holds it there under spring pressure. At the same time, the welding current is stopped and, when the molten metal solidifies, the weld is completed and the welding gun is removed from the stud. 
The molten metal is held in place by a ceramic ferrule which also serves to shield the arc. The weld metal is deoxidised by a flux in the weld end of the stud. This results in a dense, strong weld which will develop the full strength of the stud and base plate.  The weld cycle depends on the diameter of the fastener and materials being joined and varies in time from 1/10 to 1-1/2 seconds. Welding currents range from 250 to 3000 amps. 

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Exceptional Service and Products

Randy Grulke Services does all types of miscellaneous custom steel, stainless and aluminum fabrication. gates for privacy, railing for stairs, partition gates and more


















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Custom items For Sale


Randy Grulke Fabrication

5 Lincoln Ave, lake wales fl 33853

(863) 949-6206

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